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Practicing the Great Soul Sync is entering a sacred space. In this expansive state of consciousness intentions become actualities. Heart-felt desires are fulfilled. Life converges into synchronicities manifesting an abundance of love, wealth, creativity and well-being of every kind.

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Every morning I do Soul Sync, to me it’s like a coming back home to myself, to the inner bliss, to what I feel is my inner most space and this is somehow carried throughout the day. I wouldn’t say that I have immunity like nothing can touch me anymore, of course I get caught, I get anger and all that stuff but it doesn’t touch me that much anymore. I feel more settled within myself. This is what Soul Sync does for me…….to remember who I really am. That I am not the outside, that I am not the wanting, or the not wanting. I am the inner peace, this is very beautiful. This is a fantastic meditation.

Michael Pieritz, OWA Meditation Instructor

I have been practicing Soul Sync on a daily basis for some months now. Never before have I found it so easy to maintain a consistent daily practice. Each time I practice Soul Sync it is like waking up, when I open my eyes at the end of the practice the world seems so vast and so beautiful, colours are so vivid, when I see the faces of my family and friends there is a beautiful experience of connection with them. More often now I can’t help but smile all the way through the practice and I am smiling so much more during the day. I feel so much lighter, challenges are easier to resolve and my life situations and interactions are becoming so much more joyful. I am continually delighted at how much I reap from Soul Sync and feel very grateful to OWA Founders Krishnaji and Preethaji for gifting us such an incredible practice.

Bianca Sands, OWA Wisdom & Meditation Instructor

I love the word ‘Synchronicity’. After a few months of practicing Soul Sync, these wonderful Synchronicity happenings occur in amazing situations. One such happening…Wayne & I have been wanting to have a face to face meeting with a particular person. We happened to hear he was in Brisbane so while we were driving back home, I messaged him and he was literally across the road from our home that evening & we were able to join him for dinner. Short story, we were 4 hours from our home at Redcliffe, near Brisbane & he was from Sydney & we all ended up within 100 mtrs of each other that evening and met up. I invite you to open to the magic of life & join us in practicing the peaceful Soul Sync Meditation. Thank you OWA for the joy and connection in my life & for the smile from within that I now experience. Namaste.

Lynette York, OWA Wisdom Meditation Instructor & Yoga Chi Gung Instructor

A small group of us committed for 30 days to meet online in the mornings to do Soul Sync. After 2-weeks, I realized that one of my intentions was realized. I had to submit assignments and a final paper for a certification program. It was a huge commitment for the date that I set as the goal. On that final date, I still had a lot of work to get done and rather than feeling stressed I sensed an ease and peacefulness as though I was being carried to meet that goal. I did meet it with an hour to spare. It was really exciting. Then, I set an intention to receive five new clients within two weeks and that happened. Love it!

Kim Clarke, Business Owner

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