Tony Robbins' 10 Day Email Challenge

DAY 1:
Life will never be the same
After 3 1/2 days of Unleash The Power Within with Tony, is there any doubt that you have so much to celebrate? And, as you go forward in life with whole new levels of intensity and passion, you can look forward to having so much more opportunity to celebrate. As Tony said on Day 1 – you can build your celebration ‘muscle’. You now know that for a higher quality of life you must raise your standards. People who play by higher standards celebrate harder. Over the next ten days, you’ll be receiving Tony’s ’10 Day Challenge’. This series of short emails has been designed to help sustain your momentum, keep yourself accountable and establish the habits that help you create your extraordinary life. You’ll find tips and reminders of the amazing technologies and tools you have learned during your time with Tony. And to help you maintain the maximum health and energy you need for a vital life, you’ll find easy, delicious and energy boosting dishes and drinks for every meal and everything in between.So – stay tuned and remember this is just the beginning. If you were early enough to witness the preparation of the firewalk, do you remember what fear you wrote on the paper that you committed to the flames? Have a look way back at page 6 of your Workbook. How do you feel now looking back out what you wrote under the heading: “Why are You Here? “Compare how you feel now with when you paused to consider what drove your decision in the first place, and what your committing objective was?

The 10 Day Challenge – For Your Body! Create an Extraordinary Quality of Life:
SAMPLES OF RECIPES FROM THE ENERGISE ALKALINE DIET RECIPE BOOK One of the key ‘Gifts’ from Your Vital Life Action Steps is ‘The Power of Alkalinity’. We have prepared a complete program of ways to introduce you to an alkaline enhanced diet. There’ll be easy tips, techniques and recipes that make this vital component to your health full of flavour and variety.
Let’s start with:
Juices and smoothies are about to become your friend. Packed full of goodness, these alkaline superstars are quick, easy, satisfying, filling and are an incredibly dense source of nutrients. How else could you fit a whole cucumber, two sticks of celery, handfuls of spinach, Kale, lettuce, bell pepper and more into one single serve. You can get all of that nutrition into one drink! Imagine having your five daily serves of vegetables knocked off before you’ve left the house! Enjoy at breakfast, lunch or as a snack during the day.   DOWNLOAD PDF NOW >   Recipes for the smoothie and many more
We all knew the truth that the story we tell ourselves is the only thing limiting where we are today. Friday was all about confronting those limits – about breakthrough. About achieving your ideal state.Remember that principle of Firewalk Night? (who couldn’t?!) If you take that first step – you’re going to take the next steps! Cool moss!
Right now – remind yourself how you can put yourself back into a PEAK STATE (in an instant!) – remember how that feels. Remind yourself of how your body feels when you’re in that unstoppable state, and celebrate your day with your own standing ovation!

Keep a check on your physiology and your focus and have a huge amount of fun today!

“What lies before us, what lies behind us, is nothing
compared to what lies within us.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson