Tony Robbins' 10 Day Email Challenge
DAY 4:
Hello again, Just days ago you could put yourself in your peak state at will. You had the certainty that this state alone could change your life. But that was then and this now. We’ve returned home to those who surround us. And, as Tony said, they may be afraid of the change they see in you. You may feel challenged to drop back so you’re close to them again. Remember it won’t be because they don’t love you but because they do.Don’t go home and try to change them. You know that change is automatic – but Progress is not – it requires the conscious commitment that you now have. So don’t forget to reassure your loved ones that they’re important, missed, loved, significant.And remember that as you head down your own path to an extraordinary life you can try changing too many things too much. When a challenge can appear overwhelming, finding the right small thing to refine your strategy will make all the difference.The next level could be only “2mm” away!
the 10 day challenge for your body!
Alkaline Diet Recipes
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Power Salad
“The secret to living is giving.”

As Tony says, Life provides extraordinary rewards to those who give in extraordinary ways. In this spirit, and to celebrate your triumphant completion of UPW – Tony is making a very special offer.


This is your opportunity to pass on Tony’s gift and take BOTH you and your friend or family member to join Tony and share the Ultimate Journey.

Why Tony believes UPW should be shared with someone close to you:
• The experience and transformation is the greatest possible for you both
• You will both be aligned with each other’s new levels of commitment
• You will support and sustain each other long after the event