Tony Robbins' UPW 2019 - 10 Day Challenge

Day 7 - What’s for breakfast? Hope, worry or certainty?

Hello again, welcome to a wonderful new week and day 7 of your 10 Day Challenge! As you wake up each morning, are you asking yourself, “What’s for breakfast? Hope, worry or certainty?”pyramid-of-mastery It’s no accident that Tony uses food related metaphors when talking about mastering an extraordinary life. As it says on page 35 of your UPW workbook regarding the 7 Areas of Constant Growth; “if you don’t master your body – your capacity to maximise your health, energy and vitality – all the money, career success, or contribution in the world will be worthless.” And remember the 5 ingredients for emotional state? (If not, check out page 41 in your workbook) As Tony said, know the right emotional recipe and you get the results you want every time. “Are you a chocolate cake kind of person?”

In the meantime – We don’t want you to stop celebrating but… If you haven’t already – it’s probably time to start putting your dreams into some short of shape. In other words, planning. A good discipline is, at the beginning, to plan your week ahead –

  • Whether it’s to schedule your exercise or
  • Chart your nutrition for the week ahead to best serve and support you (See below for a good example)
  • And, of course – revisiting your goals and how you can progress them
  • Even ‘Me Time’ – if those quiet moments to meditate aren’t just happening – schedule them! (You must always serve and support yourself before you can help anyone else)

When you know your critical work appointments and any family/social occasions, you can work ‘round them – finding the balance in your daily and weekly schedule will change your life! Of course, planning is just a step – nothing ever got achieved from planning alone. Commitment and action are required. As Tony says: “Remember, what’s talked about is a dream. What’s envisioned is exciting, what’s planned is possible, but what’s scheduled is REAL.”

Akaline diet recipes - Weekly menu

Now that you’re a week in, you may be starting to think about how you sustain the alkaline lifestyle. If you’re still new to the philosophy, on the face of it might seem restrictive – but nothing could further from the truth! We’ve just scratched the surface of what’s available to easily plan a complete program of enormous variety week by week. When you start to really experience the taste, health and energy rewards, you’ll think it’s the best habit you ever picked up. – Download PDF – For an example of how packed and varied a planned week of the Alkaline Diet can be.

Do you remember Tony saying this?

"“People’s lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group.” These are the people who have the most power to influence who you are."

Let's start with:

If you discover a higher standard/goal/purpose for yourself, there’s a natural concern that you may lose connection with your peers. (Connection being one of the 6 Human Needs.) While you can be a role model for your immediate group and help them raise their standards – the best chance you and those closest to you have of keeping on track is if you have a chosen support system. When you, or those you know who are special to you, can find an “unreasonable friend”. Someone who will challenge you and keep you accountable for your goals and who will always be there with a positive attitude. It’s about setting out on the ultimate journey together – it’s sharing the experience that begins your breakthrough towards an extraordinary life. Then sharing the courage, honesty and celebration with the friend who has your real interests at heart. Who would you do that for? Who do you know who would do that for others they care about?

“A goal is a dream with a deadline”
– Napoleon Hill

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