3-Day FastTrack Masterclass in
Property, Gold, Silver & Business LIVE with Kevin Green

22nd - 24th of September 2017 - Amstelborgh/Borchland,
Borchlandweg 6-10, 1114 BD Amsterdam

Practical Information

  • Golden Tip: to make the most out of the event, you are advised to make lots of notes. Bring a pen and enough paper.
  • On Saturday evening we are organizing a cocktail party with Kevin Green for the participants, with snacks and drinks. This will take place on Saturday evening from 18.00h till about 20.00h. Dress code men: Black tie, Ladies: Cocktail dress. There are changing rooms available at Borchland.
  • Venue: Amstelborgh/Borchland, Borchlandweg 6-10, 1114 BD Amsterdam-Duivendrecht
  • Date: Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of September 2017
  • Event Schedule: Daily from 09.00 till 17.30 (except Saturday night!)
  • Registration for this event is mandatory. Registration starts on Friday 22nd of September from 08.30 till 08.55h. After showing your voucher you will receive a name badge for the whole weekend.
  • Lunch, coffee, tea and water is included.
  • How to get there?
  • You can reach Borchland by car. When using navigation, make sure you enter Borchlandweg in Duivendrecht or Holterbergweg in Amsterdam (crossing Borchlandweg). Check http://www.borchland.nl/informatie/adres/ for more information.
  • There is plenty of parking space at Borchland. When arriving at the parking entrance, choose the right entrance of the parking lot. At the bar in the restaurant you can buy your parking coin for €5 per day.
  • Borchland is about a 20 minutes walk from the station Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA. Exit the station on the side of Pathé Arena. Then walk by Transport the shops (like Media Markt) on the Arena side and follow the route on the right around the Arena. Go left after passing the viaduct and take the walking bridge over the road. From here you walk straight in direction of Borchland (over the parking terrain P2). Plan your trip on http://9292.nl/.
  • It is not allowed to make photos, video- or audiorecording.
  • Clothing: The temperature in the event room can fluctuate. Make sure to bring a vest or coat that you can take off or put on.

What you're going to learn at the training

  • Land Development
  • Exit strategies for safety
  • Land Options
  • Make Money from controlling land, adding value through planning gain and receiving significant profits
  • Sourcing accommodation land and identifying areas for potential residential and commercial development
  • Negotiation Techniques with land owners
  • Financing development projects
  • Business start up tips
  • Peer to peer lending opportunities
  • Best Practice, strategic planning for systemising businesses
  • Identifying High Profit business opportunities
  • Gold & Silver investment opportunity’s
  • Connection to gateway to Gold suppliers with rent-back possibilities and peer to peer lending
  • Accessing finance from world banks and through Joint Venture Partners (JV)
  • Forging alliances with major housebuilders
  • Credit repair, build and growth
  • Human Resources Management to Maximise passive income generation
  • How to create profit sharing structures
  • Ideal Company structures
  • Access to Kevin's team and Business systems
  • Precious jewels & gemstones learnings. Sapphire, Jade and Diamonds
  • How to setup with little or no capital requirement
  • Build a massive high yield buy to let portfolio
  • Property yields in several countries
  • Government Licensing requirements and how to obtain them

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3-Day FastTrack Masterclass in
Property, Gold, Silver & Business LIVE with Kevin Green

Venue: Amstelborgh/Borchland, Borchlandweg 6-10, 1114 BD Amsterdam-Duivendrecht

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