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Tony Robbins and Sage Share 3 Health Tips, Hydration, Alkaline Water, Zig and Zag Days


Tony Robbins personally has designed the Life Mastery experience to help you achieve maximum benefits in your life. While you enjoy luxurious accommodations, private beaches and a state-of-the-art spa and wellness center, you will learn to embrace your emotions, your purest thoughts and a newly energized and healthy body. Tony brings together the world-class teachings of specialized experts, doctors and scholars via video. Each speaker plays an integral part of each day’s program, as this 4½-day process provides the latest cutting-edge tools to integrate each speaker’s strategies into a practical form you can use to effectively transform your life.

Deepak Chopra, M.D.

12 Ways to Reverse Aging

A respected authority on the interdisciplinary sciences of psychology, neurology and immunology, Deepak understands how our bodies are affected by shifts in our mental and emotional states. Formally trained as an endocrinologist, Deepak teaches us how to eliminate mental and physical conditions that we associate with aging in order to live a full, healthy and vibrant life. An author of over 49 books and the founder of the Chopra Center for Well Being, Deepak is masterful at bridging health and healing with the human spirit.

Kathy Buckley

The Power of Emotional Mastery

An award-winning comedienne and actress, Kathy Buckley shares with us her story of overcoming some of the most difficult obstacles one can imagine in life, and how she met those challenges with dignity, courage, and laughter. Kathy, known as “America’s First Hearing Impaired Comedienne,” shows us the true power of Emotional Mastery—seeing our problems as gifts, and knowing that we are more than anything that could ever happen to us.

Pete Egoscue

Get Back in Alignment and Maximize Your Body’s Strength

A pioneer and world leader in alleviating chronic pain, Pete Egoscue teaches us how the overall quality of your life, as well as how your organs function, comes from how your structure is aligned. Pete will work with you throughout the week to put your body back in balance, make sure your structure is strong, and develop the habits that impact your health for a lifetime.

David Wolfe

Outstanding Nutrition to Sustain Health & Vitality

One of the world’s leading authorities on nutrition, David Wolfe is the author of several books including, Eating for Beauty, The Sunfood Diet Success System, and Amazing Grace. The son of two medical doctors, David Wolfe also has degrees in mechanical and environmental engineering, political science, and a masters in living-food nutrition. In conjunction with Sunfood™, he has helped develop, market and distribute some of the world’s most wonderful and exotic organic food items.

Chris Carmichael

Optimizing Your Performance

A former Olympian and top cycling coach, Chris is widely regarded as the person most responsible for helping seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong return to prominence after Armstrong was diagnosed with cancer. Named the “Ultimate Coach” by Outside magazine in 2001, Chris provides strategies and techniques for proper physical fitness training. From him, you’ll learn innovative training techniques that will align your physical and emotional state.

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Dates: March 2-9, 2012 Location: University Campus, Fiji

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Now call for prices and availability: +31 (0)75 – 612 19 48