Being Limitless

Many of us live busy lives that limit our ability to truly open our hearts and connect with life around us. Being Limitless offers the opportunity to reach otherwise unattainable beautiful states of Being such as heartfelt connection, intuitive knowing and a bliss beyond words. In this state of consciousness you hold the power to conquer life’s challenges and create a great destiny.

Being Limitless is a magical journey that will awaken in you the power of Limitless Consciousness. At Being Limitless, we reveal Spiritual Principles and Powerful Meditations to create the life of your dreams. You have a direct experience of the profound truth that you are a limitless being. Once this truth is realized, the doors to a magical life opens...

You manifest abundance; you find and create enduring love, you conquer your challenges.

Here are the Extraordinary Outcomes of Being Limitless

  • Great Peace and Joy.
  • Enduring Relationships.
  • Conquering Challenges Intelligently
  • Fulfilling Achievements.
  • Intuitive Leadership.

One World Academy

One World Academy, a wisdom and meditation school for Enlightenment is located in India. It synthesises ancient practices with modern scientific understanding of brain and consciousness interrelation.

This enlightenment school is bringing a very rare opportunity to experience its timeless wisdom, usually only available in India, with its weekend spiritual journey to The Netherlands.

The course, entitled Being Limitless, will take participants through a personal journey leading to life transformation.

This spiritual journey will deliver revolutionary wisdom from the Founders, combined with ancient meditation practices (Prakriya), as well as detox meditations with sessions focusing on principles such as inner truth, connection,expanding consciousness, and bliss.

Your Invitation To One World Academy’s Being Limitless Seminar
3 Days With LIVE OWA's Senior Teacher Ananda Giri

In cooperation with One World Academy World Tour, Succesgids is pleased to invite you to Being Limitless, a powerful weekend seminar that will take you on an extraordinary journey to greater self-discovery and awareness leading naturally to shifts in the way you relate to yourself and the world around you.

Being Limitless is taught by Anandagiri, a Senior Faculty member of One World Academy.  This is a rare opportunity to experience his teaching outside of India.

With over 25 years of experience teaching and
 guiding advanced spiritual retreats, his deep insights coupled with his unassuming and friendly presence inspire people world-over to live a joyous life, free of inner conflict.

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