June 10th & 11th in Amsterdam

David Wolfe LIVE

The latest knowledge on Organic-, Raw- and Superfoods, stem cell therapy and Longevity

Back in The Netherlands for the first time in three years!


Discover David's latest findings and cutting-edge info about:

  • The Latest on Stem Cell Therapy
  • The Importance of Pure Water and Hydration
  • Superfood and Superherbs
  • Enhanced Performance, Energy and Stamina
  • Detoxification and Longevity Strategies
  • Beauty
  • Activating your Genius
  • Improving Memory
  • Goal Setting and the Holy Flow
  • Investigating our cosmography
  • Abundance Consciousness
  • Today is the best day ever!
  • Questions and Answers
  • And much more...

Three years worth of research since his last visit!

Your Best Day Ever!

David Wolfe Amsterdam Succesgids

The Best Day Ever
With his enormous passion to inspire people and give them ”The Best Day Ever”, David Wolfe has touched the hearts of more than a hundred thousand people around the world. He is living proof of what happens when you are on your journey to natural health and peak performance.

Photo: David Wolfe at his seminar


Seminar and Advanced Training

During the seminar on June 10th you will discover the latest in the area of natural health, natural beauty, nutrition, herbs, rawfood and organic superfoods. New subjects, like a revolutionary method for Reversed Aging, will also be shared extensively.

In addition to the Seminar on June 10th, we also offer a full VIP-weekend where you will get access to an extra day Advanced Training with David Wolfe on Sunday June 11th. At the Advanced Training David will go even deeper into his findings and experiences. As VIP you get a lot of extra's as well, including a meet & greet and raw food lunch met David Wolfe!

The VIP-weekend and Advanced Training are for an exclusive group of 50 participants max. There are only a few seats left available.

Below are some photo's of previous Advanced Training sessions for you to get an idea of what it looks like.

Freezlab Experience

Part of the VIP Weekend

What is cryotherapie?
Exposing the body to freezing temperatures, can have a positive effect on your health. After only three minutes, you'll get lots of positive effects like a boosted metabolism, blockages in your meridians will disappear and detoxified blood.

Cryotherapie in not a new invention and has been existed for centuries. Next to David Wolfe, Tony Robbins is also a big fan of cryotherapie and books sessions regularly.


Others on David Wolfe:

“Anyone can benefit from David Wolfe’s knowledge and understanding of raw food nutrition...open your eyes to the hidden treasures of a healthy diet and open your body to a fulfilling and vital existence.” ~ Tony Robbins

“David, I believe you are at the heart of a movement that will sweep the planet in 15 years, already growing like wildfire and I want you to know that wherever you travel my spirit travels with you applauding your contribution to humanity as you turn on one needful soul after another…” ~ Woody Harrelson

"I loved David’s seminar...his enthusiasm for life and food was contagious and his knowledge is clearly second to none. I would highly recommend that if you ever have the chance to see David speak you should take it, go in with an open mind and prepare to be surprised, entertained and informed." ~ Erica, Berry Berry Happy blog

Time and venue

Saturday June 10th 2017

12.30 pm - Registration
1.30 pm - Start event
6.00 pm - End event

Sunday June 11th 2017 (VIP only)

09.00 a.m. - Start event
18.00 p.m. - End event

Borchlandweg 6-10
1114 BD Amsterdam-Duivendrecht


This is your chance to see David Wolfe LIVE in the Netherlands. The last time David came to the Netherlands was in 2014 and we expect the next time to be in at least 3 years from now.

Previous editions of the VIP-training cost between € 995 en € 1.295. This year we offer the possibility between a 1-day seminar and a VIP-Weekend with an extra day Advanced Training.

Now the price for the VIP-Weekend is only € 495 and for the seminar only € 159. Today our exclusive offer is still valid and you only pay € 79,50 for the seminar and € 195 extra (€ 274,50 in total) for the full David Wolfe experience at the VIP-Weekend.


Saturday June 10th

  • Entrance to the event
  • General seating


Saturday June 10th

  • Entrance to the event
  • VIP seating (front row)
  • VIP registration desk
  • Extra VIP Session from 18.30 until 19.30

Sunday June 11th

  • Entrance from 09.00 until 18.00
  • Advanced Training with David Wolfe
  • Freezlab experience with David Wolfe
  • Raw Food Lunch with David Wolfe
  • Meet & Greet with David Wolfe
  • Extra Momentum Conference Call with David Wolfe after the training






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