Tony Robbins' 10 Day Email Challenge
DAY 3:
Hello again, ,Welcome to the 3rd day of your new life!Did you give 12 strangers a crazy ‘Good Morning’ hug today? No? …well, things are a little different outside of UPW, aren’t they?After this short period you’re probably still buzzing but it’s important to look at how we can sustain that energy.For your body, the peak power of momentum is Aerobic Power

Aerobic exercise is absolutely vital to our health and energy. Diet alone can only get you so far! While anaerobic exercise like weight training is also very beneficial to our long term health, during the ten day challenge it is important to focus upon aerobic exercise as a way to help cleanse and detoxify the body.

Aerobic exercise means performing exercise at a heart rate that is no more than 180 minus your age. Sustained exercise in this heart rate zone will burn fat as your primary source of fuel as opposed to sugar, meaning you can exercise for longer and get in great shape.

Two highly effective aerobic exercises where you can achieve this are running and walking.


Obviously, the best way to know your heart-rate is to wear a heart-rate monitor. But if you do not own one of these, you can still roughly estimate which zone you are in.

If you can run or walk in a steady, comfortable rhythm and can still talk normally without being short of breath, it’s a good sign you’re in the ideal zone where the most fat burning takes place.

This zone that you should concentrate your efforts whilst detoxing in order to give yourself a work-out and to help flush your lymphatic system.

YOUR opportunity to give the Ultimate Gift when Tony returns in 2015

“The secret to living is giving.”
Tony’s Gift to You…

As Tony says, Life provides extraordinary rewards to those who give in extraordinary ways. In this spirit, and to celebrate your triumphant completion of UPW – Tony is making a very special offer.

The 10 Day Challenge – For Your Body!Create an Extraordinary Quality of Life:
Alkaline soups are a fast, easy, tasty way to get a whole heap of raw veggies into your diet.Brilliant for snacks, lunch and dinner a good alkaline soup is filling and satisfying and can all be enjoyed warm or chilled.We’ve got some great recipes for soups that are 100% raw, even when warmed so you can make them in large quantities. This means you can enjoy them anytime such as taking to work for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack.DOWNLOAD PDF NOW – Recipes for this and more ready anytime soups:
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!
Some tough-love words from Joseph – but the bottom line is that now is the time to start some real planning!You’ve come out of UPW on a high with your most insightful and motivating goals and beliefs but they are the launch pad, not the destination. Your workbook is the map with the signposts for your life’s journey – refer to it regularly!At the very least, take your top three goals and write down:

  • 10 things that will happen if you follow through
  • 10 things that will happen if you don’t and
  • 10 things you must do right away to move in the right direction! And, as Joseph says; You all freakin’ rock!


As Tony says, how you live your life is a direct reflection of your peer group

Your best way by far to stay on the fast track to success is surrounding yourself with those who share your passion and commitment to make life extraordinary.

It usually begins with those closest to you. Who do you know that deserves this same opportunity?

This is your opportunity to pass on Tony’s gift and take BOTH you and your friend or family member to join Tony and share the Ultimate Journey.