Tony Robbins' 10 Day Email Challenge
DAY 5:
Hello again, ,You’re halfway through the 10 Day Challenge – but you’re nowhere near halfway through your journey – you’re just finding your stride.

If you were asked today what are the two fundamental things that shape your identity – that make you ‘you’ – you know straight away how to answer, right? Your beliefs. And your values.

These are what shape the meanings we associate with things in our lives.

Two people with different sets of values doing the same thing at the same time can have completely different experiences.

Learning from other experiences around the world

Recently, in Diamond Lounge in Sidney, Australia…A surgeon asked Tony why he felt unfulfilled

Think about it – if you became a surgeon, saved lives for a job, you’d feel pretty significant, wouldn’t you?

The trouble is, as Tony said, that if significance is your primary drive – it just won’t last, leaving you ultimately unfulfilled. You need search within yourself and find a new, sustainable primary drive for what you’re already doing… or get into something new.

There was the entrepreneur who’d just had 12 months of great growth – thanks largely to heavy investment in Facebook strategies. But his online reputation was being attacked by a competitor with devastating results.
Tony supplied some fightback strategies. And he stressed that you can’t be stable on a one-legged stool, you need to innovate. (As Peter Drucker famously said, Business = innovation + marketing)

He advised “building the Parthenon” – multiple pillars for your business – PLUS getting in some tech-heads to tackle his ‘cyberterrorists’ at their own game – “Bring it on”.

And there was the wife and mother
who didn’t feel as though she had any fears or limiting stories.wife

“What do you do great?” asked Tony. “Well, my Kids”, she answered.

“How’s the relationship with your husband?” “Not awesome… and I’m not really investing in it.”

“I’ll bet your husband is tired?” “Yep…”

So, maybe some limiting stories, Tony figured. He soon found that putting her children first was causing her primary relationship to suffer. The love we feel for our kids is unconditional. It’s not always true for what should be the most important relationship in your life.

Kids see what is going on and will model you no matter what you tell them.

The answer? Put your relationship first – and let your kids see that – they won’t suffer, in fact they’ll benefit.

The common element is that when you change the pattern of emotions
that shapes the meaning of the things in your life you control the quality of your life.

the 10 day challenge for your body!
Alkaline Diet Recipes
These alkaline meals have been designed to be warming, satisfying and to feel like a treat – no matter how healthy they really are!These are a good set of core main meals, that you know you can always cook quickly and easily and with pretty much the same stock ingredients.

The more you get used to the recipes, the more you can adapt them and you get faster and faster at preparing them!

These are all alkaline tasty and easy. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD PDF NOW – Recipes for this and more salads:

Power Saladgrass


Keep breathing.
If you’ve ever learned to scuba dive, that’s a fundamental piece of advice you’ll hear the world over.scuba-divingKeep breathing. Seems simplistic but when confronted with challenges, surprisingly easy to overlook – with undesirable consequences.

So keep breathing – but naturally – the right sort of breathing. Deep, vital, diaphragmic breath.

“Improper breathing is a common cause of ill health. If I had
to limit my advice on healthier living to just one tip, it would be
simply to learn how to breathe correctly. There is no single
more powerful – or more simple – daily practice to further
your health and wellbeing than breathwork.”

Andrew Weil, M.D.