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Anthony Robbins 10 Day Challenge
DAY 8:
Sustaining Your Momentum to an Extraordinary Life
Tony Robbins at UPWHello again,

Day 8 and feeling great!

At UPW you would have heard Tony say “There is nothing a person does that is not an attempt to meet their needs.

So much disappointment in people’s lives comes from attempting to change circumstances around them or just hoping they will change so that their needs are met.

But as you know now – it’s all about how YOU influence your future, not your environment or anything else. “Certainty is created within YOU not by your environment.”

This is the very core of Unleash the Power Within and understanding this fundamental truth is probably one of the biggest “Aha!” moments most UPW Graduates have.

This is precious and should never be forgotten. To maintain your momentum you need to discipline yourself – make your goals, review, and make the rituals of your progress an essential part of your daily life.

Health Challenge:
Eliminating Animal Flesh

The debate over the pro’s and con’s of eating meat is ancient and may well be never-ending.  So we won’t enter into any argument here. In the end, it is a personal choice that most people have not arrived at lightly.

But this is a “Challenge” – so the whole point is to explore the ways that will become part of the new life and lifestyle that you are embarking on.

Eliminate meat from your diet!

Give yourself the challenge of alternatives outside of your usual comfort zone and see if there are differences that you want to keep.

Of course, for existing meat-eaters trying a vegetarian diet will be the biggest challenge. But even if you are an established vegan you are urged to go somewhere new. Just following a strict alkaline diet could be a big shift.

The key principle here is that you are committing yourself to a contrast in your overall life – from where you are to where you want to be.

The more you hang on to old ‘comfort zone’ practices, the less easy it will be to accelerate that transition.

Ten days is probably just enough to start to assess what could help make the difference to health.

If you’re not fully convinced but even suspect something is a wise health alternative – give yourself a longer challenge so you can make a firm commitment – try it for, say, a month.

Ultimately, you must make the decision that is right for you and makes sense to you long-term.

the 10 day challenge for your body!
Alkaline Diet Recipes
Weekly Menu
Anthony Robbins - 2 For 1 - Book NowSome of you will be finding that adopting the Alkaline Lifestyle is smooth and easy. Others may find it more difficult, especially if surrounded by a household with broader dietary expectations. (Like teenagers demanding steaks…)

But there are still easy ways you can integrate a significant alkaline shift to your diet regime – and we definitely believe it should be easy!

If you want to be living alkaline, with the energy you always wished for, the vitality of a teenager and get yourself to your health goals as fast as you possibly can… then follow these four simple steps each day for ten days! It’s as easy as that!

Download PDF– The 5 Minute Acid Crusher Cheat Sheet


You have so much to celebrate – from that moment of realisation at Tony’s event that life held so much more in store for you. And looking forward, you’ll discover more and more reasons. Isn’t it amazing to be so eager to embrace the future that you will create?

tony on stage celebrating

Isn’t that something you’d love to share?

Right now there must be very special people in your life who you know deserve this opportunity.

Those who will honour and celebrate your accomplishments, and challenge you to continually raise the bar for ever more future achievement.

Tony’s Gift to You

You will never have a better opportunity to pass on Tony’s gift –


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So it also means that if you…

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Why Tony believes UPW should be shared with those close to you:

The maximum experience and transformation of everyone
Shared alignment that extends long after the event
Support and sustain each other for the fastest possible achievement – and celebration – together!

“Want something you’ve never had?
Do something you’ve never done.”

– Thomas Jefferson