Anthony Robbins 10 Day Challenge
DAY 9:
Hello again, ,Wow, day 9 already – time flies when you’re taking your life to the next level! And what is that next level? “Outstanding!”

Life, as you already knew, will throw tests and challenges at you. But outstanding comes from not waiting for those tests but going for it yourself. Remember Tony said that most ‘outstanding’ comes from pushing yourself beyond what you thought were capable of. Outstanding is magnificent, miraculous and inspiring with the rewards to match.

Kerri Strug showed us what enough heart can accomplish

At the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games the world was gripped by the drive, determination and commitment of one girl who wouldn’t settle – whose standard had to be ‘outstanding’.

See if you can watch her moment of victory without feeling a few tears build up.

This is why the Olympics is so universally compelling – it calls to that quality within us all that strives for outstanding.

Tony’s invitation to you is to not settle for ‘excellent’. Outstanding can’t be given, it must be earned. Do that and the game will change forever.

I get tingles up my arms even saying his name, he is with no question of a doubt the most inspiring man I have ever had the pleasure of listening too and ever better watching on stage.

I make no secret of the fact that life got a little tough for me and I had done an extremely great job of plastering over the cracks and getting on with life.

But what I failed to realize is that I was carrying a huge amount of pain and fear, deep rooted pain that no one else could see because I was so busy being proud, keeping my head up and ploughing on, but the pain was still there and I was holding onto it for dear life, this very nearly cost me my relationship. At one point in the seminar I took a good look around and there wasn’t one person that didn’t have pain written all over there face.

I will be forever grateful for this life changing experience.

Nicola Tappenden – London, UK

Thanks, Nicola!


Today’s Health Reminder: Replacing Dairy

Today’s reminder is the challenge of eliminating milk, cheese and all other dairy products! We won’t go into the many arguments for removing dairy from your diet – that’s covered in depth from page 145 in your workbook.

So the practical part of your challenge is remembering that with numerous delicious alternatives on the market today, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods to maintain a proper nutritional balance. Some alternatives include soy milk, rice milk, yogurt made with a rice or soy base, or even sesame seed milk.

Dairy products have been said to be one of the most destructive things in your system. They create tremendous amounts of mucous in the system and are extremely fatty! Studies show that adults who use milk products do not absorb nutrients as well as adults who don’t.

So the question to you is “Now that you’re eating cleansing, live foods why would you even think of clogging your system with dairy, milk, cheese or yoghurts?” Try alternatives and see the difference for yourself.


Today we’re looking at substitutes.

Identifying individual ingredients you may be used to using and introducing alkaline alternatives into your food preparation.

This will give you the freedom to make the transition to alkaline eating as large or gradual as you are comfortable with. The cheat sheet below gives you tips and techniques to make your alkaline repertoire always tasty and virtually limitless!

The Recipe-Builder Cheat Sheet – Download PDF