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Practical Information

  • The best advice: Take notes. To get the most out of the event, it's recommended to take lots of notes. Be sure to bring a pen and plenty of paper.
  • Venue: Borchland, Borchlandweg 6-10 1114 BD Amsterdam-Duivendrecht
  • Date: Friday April 7th 2017
  • Seminar: From 10.00 until 18.00. Please keep in mind that the seminar could end later than expected.
  • Registration is mandatory. You can register on Friday April 7th from 08:45 until 09:55. After showing your ticket, you’ll receive a wristband and entrance to the event. Please make sure you are on time.
  • It’s not allowed to take video and/or audio recordings of this event. It is also prohibited to take photos.
  • Accessibility:
  • Car > Borchland is accessible to cars. Use a navigation device or online map, enter ‘Borchland Duivendrecht’, and you’re good to go!
  • There is plenty of parking space at Borchland. When you enter the property, please enter the parking space on the right. You can buy a parking coin at the bar for €5,00.
  • Public transportation > Borchland is located approximately 20 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station. Take the metro or train to Bijlmer ArenA. When exiting the station, walk towards the Pathé ArenA and then to the big stores (Media Markt) on the right side. Take the road that goes around the ArenA and walk across the overpass on your left. Follow this road and you will enter Borchland via the parking area.
  • Reduced mobility: The location is not suitable for wheelchair users or people with reduced mobility. If you are or bring someone with reduced mobility, please call us, so we can discuss the possibilities.
  • Consumptions: You can buy coffee or tea from the bars located in the room or at the restaurant.
  • Lunch: You can order your lunch during registration.


We'll see you there in:

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