Joseph McClendon - New Year Evolution

In deze exclusieve audio deelt Joseph McClendon met jou 5 eenvoudige stappen voor het behalen van je doelen voor dit jaar, zodat je goede voornemens daadwerkelijk realiteit worden.

Zet hiermee de ideale eerste stap om van dit jaar je beste jaar tot nu toe te maken!

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Wat anderen zeggen over Joseph McClendon:

Tony Robbins

I’ve worked with this man for over 25 years and Joseph is the most passionate and playfull man that I’ve ever met. This is a guy that applies every strategy he knows in order to improve his life and help other people

Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within

Without a doubt Joseph McClendon lll changed my whole focus. He is a 21th century motivator, his knowledge is so today, so powerful, so necessary. I feel that anybody with a need to step up in their lives should make Joseph a must.

John Miller, Circular Securities

I can tell you that Joseph McClendon III has changed my life in some critical ways. I didn't really have a strong belief system and I was able to borrow his. What is amazing is, it allowed me to move toward my future in a very powerful and positive way and handle challenges much more easily.

Dean Shafer, CEO, International Wellness Center

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