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Joseph McClendon: A-factor

A-factor, based on The Next Step, is a three day, intensive course incorporating the most powerful principles of Tony Robbins’ Mastery University courses, Date with Destiny & Life Mastery, fused with the concepts of the Laws of Attraction and Power of the Universe.

Life is much simpler than we’ve been lead to believe. Where ever you are in you life now and where ever you wish to be in the near future, your ability to get there quickly, happily and attract more abundance to you is no longer chance or happenstance. It’s science. To be more specific… it’s neuro-science. And it’s a true game changer in this magnificent day and age we are all experiencing now.
Technology is a wonderful thing. The freedom and endless opportunities that it brings us is astonishing and ever expanding. The technology in the smart phone alone has catapulted man kind quantum leaps into the future at light speed.

But technology is not limited to tangible things like our computers and all the mechanical things that assist us in life. Technology has grown quantum leaps in the human potential, personal development and human attraction arena as well. And for the most part the planet is vastly unaware of it. But it’s there and in the right hands it is a powerful tool to make any… yes ANY change necessary to reach ones true magnificence no matter what that is.
As a species we have been operating from a 5000 year old, basic model in terms of how we function as human beings and how we interact with the world around us and how it interacts with us.

Described as ’NLP meets ‘The Secret’, this unique course works with you hands on, then and there to create massive, lasting change.

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Date: October 12 – 14, 2012
Location: Helsinki
Maximum: 1.000

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Joseph McClendon
In 1986 Joseph met the bestseller author and peak performance coach Anthony Robbins and they decided to cooperate. After he had learned the technique, he became very competent in helping people to overcome their fears, phobias and emotional challenges. After his work as a master trainer now Joseph is a main trainer and instructor at the Robbins “Mastery University”. This university is attended by businessmen and entrepreneurs, directors and people that are looking for a better quality of life, from at least forty-six different countries.

The university has a staff with leaders like general Norman Schwarzkopf, financial genius Peter Lynch and marketing guru Jay Abraham.

Joseph McClendon is frequently asked to teach business training, workshops and seminars for many of the Fortune 500 companies in the US, Europe and Australia.

He is an expert in the coaching of sales professionals in case of overcoming their inner and outer obstacles, that obstruct their selling results and interfere with their sales targets. Joseph supplies them with skills of influence and the tools that give the salesmen the advantage of the competition that is necessary to be able to grow under the circumstances of the market in this new millennium. He is a co-author, together with Tony Robbins, of the bestsellers ‘Power Thoughts’ and ‘Unlimited Power – A black Choice’.

Biography Joseph McClendon

The 7 next steps to creating the new you

STEP 1: Create a vision; find out what you truly want in life. Find out what you really want to bring into your life and learn the hidden strategies known only to a select few to make it happen.
STEP 2: Build an identity that supports that vision and drives you to supporting your dream.
STEP 3: Develop more confidence, self esteem, pride & certainty. This will enable you to attract what you truly want and desire in your life, whether its money, health, happiness and life partner.
STEP 4: Rapidly attract into your life what you really desire.
STEP 5: Create a powerful identity that drives you to take action, minimize then erase past emotions bad memories and replace them with ones that serve you.
STEP 6: Ignite and employ the powers of the universe to attract what you truly want in life. This is the real secret on steroids. Whether its wealth or your life partner.
STEP 7: Learn to create more energy to follow through with your vision and new

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Content A-factor Seminar:

DAY 1: Manifestation Workshop
You will receive not just the tools for manifestation and attraction, but the real live hands on experience of taking action right there & then. This is the ‘secret’ on steroids. This is not a watered down version of the ‘laws of attraction’ or an enhancement of ’think and grow rich’. This is the real thing. We will provide concrete evidence of its effectiveness and validity. There will also be a physical ‘Break-Through’ exercise in the evening – to Anchor the Power’s of Manifestation AND give you that boost to breakthrough your sticking points once and for all!

DAY 2: Elimination Workshop
Learn the tools of eliminating negative emotions (or memory) and produce the effect in the workshop. The effect is not to take negative emotions (or memory) with you, but leave them behind. You will learn to start a process of doing this that will last you for years to come. Memory erasing exercise.

DAY 2: Personal ‘Pull’ Workshop
Develop and get clear on our own personal reasons why we want to achieve what we want. This will have the effect of creating internal ‘pull’ that ‘pulls’ you into the future that you design.

DAY 3: Creation Workshop
Learn to Cultivate, create and own an empowering identity for greater purpose, self esteem, confidence and pride. Who we believe we are determine what we do or do not do. How we feel about ourselves is the foundation of our existence now and the future. By creating who you desire to be now and embedding it to your soul you set the stakes in the ground for who you will become in the future.

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