Discover In 1 Day The Most Important Strategies From UK's Largest Private Property Owner, Richard Branson's Protégé And Owner Of More Than 20 Companies

Expat Center is bringing Kevin Green to Amsterdam!

Maybe you've seen him on the TV show “The Secret Millionaire”. Kevin Green, social entrepreneur and self-made miljonair, is coming to Amsterdam on the 23rd of May.

He owns more than 20 companies and his wealth is estimated close to 100 million euro. A few hours of personal coaching by Kevin Green costs €12.000,- and a day of training in London costs €995,- excl VAT.

Expat Center, as partner/sponsor for this seminar with Kevin Green on the 23rd of May, can do something special for you.

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What are you going to learn?

  • Business start up tips

  • High profit business examples

  • How to start with no money

  • Credit repair, build and growth

  • How to grow significant cash flow

  • Joint Ventures

  • High profit trading companies

  • Kevins 70/30 rule

Who is Kevin Green and why should you learn from him?

Kevin Green is a self-made multi-millionaire and social entrepreneur. He is UK’s largest property owner and a multi-entrepreneur. The 51-year-old dyslectic Kevin, who was featured on Channel 4’s Secret Millionaire (also broadcast by RTL several years ago), has a portfolio with a whopping 670 property projects and owns more than 20 companies.

Kevin Green has a wealth of experience in the world of real estate and is also the head of a number of successful companies in non-housing related markets. Before he made fortune in business he interviewed Bill Gates and Sir Richard Branson. With an estimated wealth up to 100 Million Kevin’s is now driven by the passion to support other aspiring entrepreneurs to unlock their potential. He does so by sharing his knowledge and insight, offering a complete toolkit for wealth creation and the opportunity for joint business ventures with the man himself.

Recently he has been asked by the Government of Wales to promote “Entrepreneurship” in schools and universities. Kevin is also an ambassador of the “Make a Wish”-foundation, helping children suffering from life-threatening illnesses to make their dream or last wish come true.

Kevin Green is also a great speaker and has shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, and many other international celebrities. He always has the audience on the edge of their seats during his seminars and trainings.

Venue and times

Saturday 23 May 2015

Borchlandweg 6-12
1099CT Amsterdam

Time schedule
Registration: 9.00 am
Start event: 10.00 am
End event: 5.00 pm
End VIP: 6.00 pm

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