Being Limitless Weekend

September 28-30, 2018 -Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport
Melbournestraat 1, 1175 RM, Lijnden (Amsterdam)

  • Location: Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport, Melbournestraat 1, 1175 RM Lijnden (Amsterdam), The Netherlands
  • Date: Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th of September 2018
  • Event Schedule
  • Friday: 18.00h registration, 19.00h start, 22.00h end
  • Saturday: 09.00h registration, 09.30h start, 18.00h end (afterwards exclusive VIP session)
  • Sunday: 09.00h start, 17.00h end (afterwards exclusive VIP dinner)
  • Registration for this event is mandatory. Registration starts on Friday 28th of September from 18:00h till 18:55h. After showing your voucher you will receive a name badge for the whole weekend.
  • Tip: You are advised to make lots of notes. Bring a pen and enough paper.
  • What to bring to the training? Bring your own yoga mat. If you don't have one, you can buy a relatively cheap one at Decathlon (The Netherlands) or Decathlon (Belgium). If you like to use a meditation cushion and/or a blanket, you can bring those as well. For VIPs a backjack meditation chair will be provided.
  • Accessibility:
  • Car > Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport is accessible to cars. Use a navigation device or online map, and enter 'Melbournestraat 1'.
  • There is plenty of parking space at Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport. Costs for parking are € 6,25 per day. You can pay for parking at the front desk of the hotel. Please tell them you are part of the Being Limitless group.
  • Public transportation > Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport is located approximately 1 minute from the nearest bus stop. It is also located approximately 20 minutes from Schiphol Airport.

Preparation class recording

The recording below is of the preparation class on September 18th with O&O Academy teacher Yukteshji.


If you have a GOLD-ticket, you can still upgrade to VIP. As a VIP lunch, coffee, tea and water is included. You also have access to an exclusive VIP session on Saturday and a special VIP dinner on Sunday. VIPs sit in front close to the stage on a backjack meditation chair.

The image below lists all the benefits of upgrading to VIP. Click on the button below to upgrade.



For VIPs lunch and water is included. For GOLD participants: we arranged with the venue that you can order your lunch online. That way you don't have to wait in line at the event.

The lunch buffet (on Saturday and Sunday) includes a vegetarian soup, sandwiches and a selection of salads. And as part of the package you can tap some water with lemon anytime you like during the event.

This package is € 33,00 for the whole weekend. Order your lunch + water package now by clicking the button below.

There is another reason to order your lunch now. The O&O Academy teachers advise you to stay in your own process also during the breaks. That means that for several breaks they advise you to stay silent as much as possible, so you don't get distracted from your own process. If you order your lunch now, you can just grab the lunch and water while staying in your own process.

Order Lunch


We have arranged with the venue a limited number of hotel rooms that you can book on a discount.

Even if you live close to Amsterdam, we recommend booking a hotel room. This gives you the possibility to focus on the training without any distractions.

Reasons to book a hotel room:
Commute: the training will be in the same venue as the hotel. By booking a hotel room, you eliminate the risk of traffic and other delays. This way, you can ensure that you won't miss a minute of the training. It also saves you time, which you can use to relax.

Expanding your peer group: by booking a hotel room, you will get the perfect opportunity to connect with other like-minded people who are open to change and growth. We've noticed that these kinds of seminars also bring forth lots of new friendships and business relationships.

Total immersion: by staying at the venue, you won't get distracted from the training. You can completely immerse yourself without worrying about things at home or work.

Click on the button below to book a hotel room:

Book Hotel Room

Transportation Service

In the package, there is also a transportation service from Schiphol Amsterdam International Airport to the hotel (and back.)

For all participants this shuttle bus is arranged, it will take only 10-minutes from airport to venue/ hotel. This service runs every half hour between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the venue/hotel Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport. Service from the airport to the hotel operates from 5:30 am in the morning to midnight, so it should cover all flight schedules from the participants.

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Facebook Group

We have created a group for everyone who has attended or is going to attend One World Academy events. Here you can share your experiences before, during and after the events. You can also ask questions to us or other participants, for instance about sharing a hotel room or traveling to the event together. The posts in the group will mostly be in Dutch, but you can also post in English.


Soul Sync Meditation

Preethaji- Co-Founder, OWA has created this simple meditation practice to help us awaken to a beautiful inner state, expand our consciousness & manifest our intentions. Click on the button below to download.


Being Limitless Weekend

Venue: Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport, Melbournestraat 1, 1175 RM, Lijnden (Amsterdam)

See you there in:

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