>> Online Masterclass: "Back to the Future > ID-Alignment" <<
- Presented by Dr. Roy MD and Dr Joy Ph.D -

Did you know there’s a MASSIVE cliff between setting your goals and actually achieving them and if you have no alignment in your subconscious mind between where you are now and who you have to be to achieve those goals you will eventually fail.

The missing link in personal development: The ID-Alignment. You have to go to the desired future and bring back the Identity (beliefs, qualities, resources and habits) to you in the now.

And that's WHY we want to invite you to this SPECIAL ONLINE MASTERCLASS



Dr. Roy Martina

1st of March
20:00 hours

Where? > Online!

Dr. Joy Martina

During This  Masterclass:
  • You will get insights into the quantum concepts about future possibilities and how to create a powerful portal to the greatest grandest version of you in the future
  • You will learn how to design powerful programming to create the neuro-synaptic complexes that function as a hologram for your new identity
  • You will realize you are way more powerful than you have ever thought possible.
  • You will learn one powerful principle to get your conscious mind and your subconscious working together to bring you everything you have ever wanted.
  • You will learn the difference between brain training & meditation and why brain training is 10x more powerful