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Congratulations your space is confirmed for SUPERCHARGE YOUR RESULTS!

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Why only live at such a small percentage of your potential?

Why not live at 100% of your potential and join us for VIP!

We already know that Supercharge Your Results is going to be an incredible non-miss event. We're bringing together some amazing speakers to deliver amazing content over the course of the 5 days.

But we didn't want to stop there.

We wanted to give you even more value so you could Supercharge Your Results even further!


If you join us for Supercharge Your Results as a VIP you will get over €500 worth of value:

The Recordings

These will be super powerful. You will get to keep a copy of every session, forever! These 5 days will fire you up and drive you to make positive changes to your life. But we know that you won't follow these teachings forever. Unless you have help and a coach in doing so. That's why these recordings are perfect, when you start to feel like your life is giving you too many challenges, when you start to feel your newly created habits slipping, you can refer back to these recordings and Supercharge Your Results all over again.

30 Minutes EXTRA Training

There is SO much that can be learnt but sadly we've only got 2 hours every day to teach you. That's why, we're also going to be giving away 30 minutes of EXTRA training after every single session has finished as a FREE bonus for becoming a VIP. We want to make sure you get the absolute maximum out of these 5 days and with an extra special session for VIPs in this 30 minutes, we're able to make sure that you can.

Recordings of Skip's 1-2-1 Teachings from Connect NOW

This 5 Day challenge is designed to serve as many people as possible. That's why we've created a VIP package because it allows us to service you at higher levels. But we all know, the deepest teachings always happen on the smallest scale, on a 1-2-1 basis because you can really get to the bottom of any challenge in the greatest of depth. That's why we've put together a package of some of Skip's most meaningful 1-2-1 sessions with some of his clients. The challenges that are faced and the challenges that people breakthrough are challenges that anyone could face.

1 LIVE workout with James in our exclusive club, Club Supercharge

You can come and join us in Club Supercharge for 1 live workout. Club Supercharge is our exclusive club where every weekday at 07:30 GMT we have yoga classes with our amazing community live on Zoom. Then on Wednesday and a Friday we host two incredible, body pumping workouts designed to get you sweating whether you are a beginner in fitness or you've taken it seriously for years. Our workouts are suitable for everyone. We look forward to having you join us for this incredible workout on October 8th at 18:00 CET.

10 Inspirational backgrounds for your devices from Skip's Golden Nuggets

Skip has designed 10 inspirational backgrounds for you to store on your computer. Each one is designed to change your mindset in an instance to fuel you on your journey to greatness. You can use them as a screensaver on your desktop and change them frequently. They all have emotive quotes and thought provoking images which will guide you towards a better life.

As a FREE bonus for signing up to VIP you will also receive:

Skip's Morning Routine

Daily Yoga

We shouldn't need to tell you how important Yoga is but we're going to. Yoga is such an essential part of life. It allows you to stretch out your body, open up your lungs, focus your mind and set yourself up for greatness, each and every day. Yoga can teach us to not only have balance in the body but also in the mind.

Daily Workout

We all know how important exercise is to our health. Sure we can survive without exercise but we can never THRIVE. It allows you to breakthrough the barriers in your body so you can create the body that you deserve. You can see your weight managed, increase your vitality, increase your immunity and so much more with this great workout.

Daily Meditiation

Meditations are something that should take place every day, in everyone's life. Our brains are fed millions of pieces of information every second and our brain has to find a way to cope with all of that. This meditation can give you a cheat sheet to it. It will allow you to sharpen the mind, gain alignment in your mind, body and spirit and get a laser focus on your goals. It will help to block out all of the noise and allow you to focus on yourself and what you want.

Is VIP really worth it?

VIP is DEFINITELY worth it! Just on a value basis alone, we are giving you over €997 amount of value for just €47 and if you choose to go Elite only €97! We want to help as many people as we can and to do that we've made our VIP option as cheap as we possibly can.
But it's not all just about the price.

It's about you.

If you invest in yourself, the chance of you attending all the 5 days is much greater. The chance of you taking consistent notes for the whole 5 days is much greater. The chance of you taking the uncomfortable action in life is much greater. You will have made an investment in yourself that can never be taken away. You will be actively taking the extra steps in life, to improve your life and Supercharge Your Results in whatever arena that may be.

Imagine having:

The Body You Deserve // Total Control Over Your Mind // The Ability to Manifest More Money // The Strongest and Deepest Relationships You've Ever Had //
The Power Of The Universe In You

And now imagine the sense of fulfilment you'll get from knowing you did absolutely everything possible within your power to make ALL of this happen.

Still not convinced VIP is the best thing for you?

Then don't forget about all of our amazing success stories.
Every single one of these people has already had the opportunity to Supercharge their results and they took it.

Wouldn't you love for your name to be on here?

To be celebrating your success?

To be recognized for Supercharging Your Results?

Then take the next step.


Upgrade now to VIP or VIP Elite. All prices are including 21% Dutch BTW/VAT.


€ 47

  • 30 minutes of extra training per day
  • Recordings of the challenge
  • Recordings of Skip's 1-2-1 teachings
  • 10 inspirational backgrounds
  • Skip's Morning Route (yoga, meditation, workout)
  • 1 LIVE workout at Club Supercharge


€ 97

  • 30 minutes of extra training per day
  • Recordings of the challenge
  • Recordings of Skip's 1-2-1 teachings
  • 10 inspirational backgrounds
  • Skip's Morning Route (yoga, meditation, workout)
  • 1 LIVE workout at Club Supercharge
  • Skip's Golden Nuggets for Wisdom and Success
  • Supercharge Your Immunity

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