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Even if You Have Tried “Everything” And Failed

EXCLUSIVE Free 5 Day Challenge With Skip Archimedes,
The Miracle Man

Supercharge Your Results

“Your Past Doesn't Have To Equal Your Future!”


  • Day 1 - Creating The Body You Deserve: Learn how to create the body you deserve and sculpt it to your image
  • Day 2 - Harness The Power Of Your Mind: Learn how to take control of your focus because where focus goes energy flows
  • Day 3 - Manifesting More Money: Learn to create with abundance by being in true alignment
  • Day 4 - Create Strong, Powerful, Loving & Meaningful Relationships: Creating loving not toxic relationships in your personal & business life
  • Day 5 - Open Up To Universal Intelligence: Learn how to have the power that creates worlds, breathe through you


MONDAY 4th - 8th October 2021

19:30 - 21:30 CET (Amsterdam time)


The challenge has already started, but you can still join us by registering now.

Why is NOW the best time to Supercharge Your Results?

Hasn't the world been crazy for the past year? Aren't we all sick of it?
That's why this is the perfect time to start to Supercharge Your Results. The world is beginning to look like it's former self but so many of us are stuck in the new ways that this period has driven us to.

These new ways of cutting ourselves off from other people due to fear, spending more time isolated as we've had to work from home and not being able to get out and exercise.

These are all negative programs that have been drilled into us but this 5 day challenge has the power to override all of that.

Wouldn't you like to come out of this period with more money, improved health, a positive mindset and enough energy that you could light up the whole universe?

You could go from running your own small business and scaling it out of this world, you could go from living in isolation to forming relationships with some of the most influential people on this planet or using this time and using these teachings to create the body you deserve.

You'll be able to look at yourself in the mirror after these 5 days and say 'I did that'. 'I'm ready for this new world'.

That is why this is the best time to join us for the 5 day challenge, Supercharge Your Results because you will leave it a better person than when you joined it.

How YOU will Supercharge Your Results:

You will learn what it takes to create a life by your design, which is needed more then ever in these challenging times. The winners of life know how to plan with precision, execute action steps elegantly,
adapt quickly and reap the many rewards.

This is a time of change and by applying what I'll be teaching, you can open yourself up to an amazing quality of life for you and your loved ones. You have so many skills, talents and attributes within you already but these must be activated. Otherwise they are more likely to be deactivated,
which destroys the quality of one's life.

Remember use it or lose it.

What you'll be learning has been proven to work all over the world for top experts in their fields, top athletes, CEO's, celebrities and people just like you.

How YOU will Supercharge Your Results:

Day 1 - The Body You Deserve
Are you looking to:

Create more energy?
Lose body fat?
Get fitter?
Have more strength?
Reshape your body?
Eat healthier?
Have more immunity?

Day 2 - The Power Of Your Mind
Are you looking to:

Take control of your focus because
"where focus goes energy flows"?
Not be afraid of COVID-19?
Avoid depression?
Avoid feeling alone?
Reduce stress?
Use more of your powerful mind?
Learn & memorise faster?
Create more opportunities?

Day 3 - Manifesting More Money
Are you looking to:

Create with abundance by being in true alignment?
Get out of money problems?
Open another stream of income?
Turn your passion into profit?
Not worry about money anymore?
Enjoy creating more money?

Day 4 - Strong, Powerful, Loving & Meaningful Relationships
Are you looking to:

Create loving, not toxic relationships
with yourself & others?
Learn to appreciate who you truly are?
Learn to see more greatness in yourself & others?
Create a better relationship with life?
Learn how to get more from yourself & others?

Day 5 - Universal Power

Learn how to have the power that creates worlds, breathe through you. Contributing beyond yourself by making sure your cup is full

Imagine having more energy & intelligence everyday

Imagine becoming unstoppable in your journey through life

Imagine creating & manifesting anything
you truly desire

Along with the amazing teachings you will receive each day, we also have many other great prizes that we are giving away for this 5 Day challenge! Including a signed copy of Skip's book 'Living Forever Young', our amazing Supercharge Superfoods and access to our exclusive club, 'Club Supercharge' ... plus many more still to be announced!

Who will Supercharge Your Results help?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Athletes
  • Professionals
  • CEOs
  • Celebrities

Supercharge Your Results is designed to give EVERYONE the tools that are required to take their lives to the next level. Everyone in life is driven by results so why settle for poor results?

The teachings that will be shared are applicable whether you are earning €1,000,000 in a day or €1 in a day because it does not matter where you are in life. These teachings are things that everyone will be able to implement regardless of circumstances because all it takes is your body and an open mind. If you listen to our speakers, you will soon realize, you don't need to be super popular, or super rich to live abundantly. 

You just need the right mindset and the tools taught to you, to get you there. Supercharge Your Results is designed to help everyone in this world without discriminating. We can't make this a better world without everyone in it trying, that's why we've made this event for everyone.


"I’m Here To Help You Live A Life Of Miracles"

After being told he would never walk again due to breaking his back, Skip discovered forgotten secrets that are missing in todays world. He used these powerful secrets to recover and returned to the very same sport that allowed him to break his back and become the English Sports Acrobatics Champion.

Skip now works with some of the worlds top athletes, top CEO’s, celebrities and people just like you. He has worked with people like Sir Richard Branson, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tony Robbins. Skip travels the world to help people create the life they truly desire.

Skip has won awards given to the likes of Bruce Lee, Nelson Mandela and Steve Jobs for the transformations he is bringing to the world. Skip’s teachings get mind blowing results but they may be a little different from what you were taught, so please keep an open mind.

Skip has some of the biggest companies on the planet partner with him to bring his powerful and life changing teachings out to the world. What Skip teaches will 100% teach you how to get better results in your personal and business life.

What will your success story be?

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