“Discover The 3 Simple And Proven Trading & Investing Strategies You MUST Know To Bring You Serious Wealth And Financial Freedom In Just One Afternoon – GUARANTEED!”

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Dear Potential Successful Trader/Investor,

Why are you here?

I ask because you arrived on this page for a reason – possibly more than one. Let’s see:

  • Are you sick of your current financial situation?
  • Have you tried trading or investing in stocks before? Been discouraged by disappointing results, confused by information overload or not knowing which strategies really work for you?
  • Do you just know you can make a decent second income from trading or investing? But what you don’t know is where to start?
  • Do you have a day job but you would also like to create extra money in your spare time?
  • Are you tired of working hard AND not having enough time and money to spend with your friends and family?
  • Are you weary of ‘get-rich-quick’ investment schemes, magic investment strategies that promise crazily high returns, even for beginners. (so am I, by the way!)
  • Do you need to top up your pension pot as your retirement day’s looming nearer?
  • Have you already invested in several income streams (property, your own business, internet marketing) and want to add trading or investing to your list?
  • Do you just want to make money? (It’s OK to be upfront about this!!)

All of these are great reasons. And if any of them have really resonated with you, keep reading – I believe I’ve got what you’re looking for!

Who am I? Who is Investment Mastery?

Let me introduce myself. I’m Marcus de Maria. My company, Investment Mastery, specialises in showing people – most of them just starting out – how to trade or invest stocks profitably and successfully to achieve long-term wealth

As for me, I’ve been trading for over 13 years now. I studied with the best traders in 3 continents, and created my own multiple incomes from trading and other wealth streams.

The result? My wife and I are now financially independent!


I get to spend as much time as I want enjoying my wealth with my wife and new daughter.

I’m also able to indulge my other passions – my favourite one is doing live seminars to show people how to create wealth the same way I did. In fact, I’ve worked on stage alongside T Harv Eker, Brian Tracy, and Robert Kiyosaki, among others.

But it wasn’t always like this.

When I first started, I went to every investment and trading seminar out there. I’d spend hours trekking to far-away venues, and have to squeeze into tight, stuffy seminar rooms with 500 other weary students.

There was no chance to ask questions or practice making trades during these courses, no matter how unbelievably long some of them lasted.

I felt abandoned with little or no follow-up support once the courses were over and I’d got home.

So I’d end up going to another seminar just to get my questions answered from the last one I’d been to! Frankly, I was confused, disappointed – and very near broke!

It wasn’t until I discovered a proven formula for learning how to trade and invest successfully – and profitably! – that everything really turned around for me.

Ironically, it was all the challenges I’d experienced during my Stock Market learning that helped me come up with this formula. I applied it and instantly started making consistent profits! Nothing else I’d tried before had even come close.

I couldn’t believe what had happened! So I decided to ‘test-drive’ the formula, and used it to teach friends and family how to trade – with amazing results!

Soon other people were begging me to teach them.

The proven formula worked for them too! The truth is, I never set out to do this. I just wanted to trade, but people kept on coming!

So, 8 years ago I founded Investment Mastery to cope with the massive demand for what – and how – I was teaching people.

We vowed to turn investment and trading education on its head and offer our students what no other investment training company had ever done up to that point.

Keep reading to find out what that is!

Since then, using our proven formula, Investment Mastery has trained thousands of people – most of them just starting out – how to make annual returns of 36-72%+ on their accounts.

Yes, 36-72% annually. Has your bank ever paid you that much interest? In yours or anyone’s lifetime?!

Many of our students are now successful traders in their own right. Some of them have gone on to teach others.

The Trading Strategies We Teach Are PROVEN TO WORK!

The proven formula worked for me.

The proven formula worked for my family and friends.

The proven formula will definitely work for YOU.

And I’ll happily share this proven formula with you. It is:


I repeat: this formula will work for YOU, even if you’ve never traded before in your life.

That’s a bold claim, but it’s completely true.

But please don’t just take our word on this.

Would you like to hear from people who challengedus to prove what we say is true?

On 2 separate occasions the media challenged us to prove our claims that we could teach people just starting out how to make between 36 – 72% returns on their investments, and that our strategies really do work.

The first challenge came from Ant Lyons and Mike Kyte from Your Property Network magazine. As a feature for their magazine, they’d challenged us to prove that the strategies being taught actually worked.

We said, “Come along and try us out!”

So they paid to attend our 2-day workshop (here they are sitting in front of our computers).

Q: OK Marcus, but what does that really mean to me?

Let me tell you. If you had €10,000, it would mean that in two years you can double your money and have €20,000

Having proved our strategies work, Ant and Mike offered me the position of their in-house stock market columnist where I now run a regular feature.

Job done!

The second challenge came from an award winning Journalist of 20 years Chantal Cooke. Again she attended our 2 day work shop, with computers.

Here’s what Chantal said about our 2 day workshop:

What are we offering that’s so different?

It’s not just the strategies that make us different. It’s the way we teach them to our students.

Many of us in the industry feel that too many companies teaching trading are only interested in one thing – growing their own business. They charge thousands of pounds and pile clients into a room like cattle – some UK trading seminars have over 500 attendees in just one weekend.

They don’t provide computers to practice with, or the follow-up support which is so crucial for ongoing learning. Most people need both to learn.

I should know. I spent the first 5 years of my trading career sitting nervously in seminars filled with hundreds of people. With so many of us in the room, I couldn’t get my questions answered. There was no practice apart from the odd workbook and no follow- up support. I just didn’t feel that anyone really cared.

That’s why years later, when we started Investment Mastery, we vowed we’d offer a uniquely different, totally interactive training experience.

When you attend our Investment Mastery workshops, we don’t just teach proven strategieswe also guarantee the ideal learning environment:

  • Small groups to ensure you get all your questions answered;
  • A computer for each student (yes, one each!) to practice looking at charts and even placing orders during the workshop; and
  • The best follow-up support in the industry – for as long as our students need it.

We’ve run these 2 day workshops successfully for many years now.

But with so many companies out there, how can you be sure we’re the real thing?

I understand your need to be certain, I really do.

So we’ve arranged a very special, exclusive, no-obligation seminar for people just like YOU.

Announcing our:

Afternoon Special on Stock Investing & Commodities

Tuesday 23rd of April

But if our 2-day workshop are so successful, why are we doing an afternoon special ?

Because the current financial crisis has made many people scared and desperate. They act through fear, frantically searching for that magic, this-one-really-works, solid-gold trading strategy that will make them rich overnight. There’s no such thing!

Right now, many people don’t have 3 days or thousands of pounds to spend on trading seminars. They need to learn simple, proven strategies they can implement immediately to achieve real results.

And people – maybe you too? – are feeling confused, with all the buzzwords and latest ‘must-dos’ whizzing round the trading world….

Want our advice? Stop. Breathe. Relax. And don’t blindly follow everybody else.

But again, don’t take our word on that one. Warren Buffett, the world’s most successful investor says:

“Observe the masses, and do the opposite.”

Do you know what the real ‘Secret’ is, that will guarantee you success in the Stock Market, whether the stock goes up, down or sideways?

Seriously, sit down and read this.

All you need to do is (cue the fanfare):

  1. Discover what trading strategies fit your lifestyle, character and financial situation.
  2. Implement them regularly until you’re financially free.
  3. Ignore everything else!

That’s it. And this is what you’ll be hearing on the day – at our

Afternoon Special on Stock Investing & Commodities

Tuesday 23rd of April

It’s not about the Strategies or Markets. It’s about YOU!

Who are you? What’s your attitude to risk when investing? And how much time do you really have?

But…unless you find out what kind of trading suits you best, you’re highly unlikely to make any real money and you’ll keep ending up back where you started.

Just ask yourself:

  • Do you want to make serious wealth AND have the time to enjoy it?
  • Do you want to create cash flow, grow your money, or both?
  • Do you currently feel confused by all the current trading or investment strategies out there, and lack the confidence to make a choice and start to trade regularly?
  • Are you still not making any consistent profits, even though you’ve been trading or investing for a while now?
  • Do you want to stop losing money, or just breaking even, and start making closer to 70% a year on your investment?
  • Do you just want to learn a few proven, simple-to-follow trading or investment strategies that will make you consistent profits if you implement them regularly?
  • Do you want to start doubling your money at regular intervals to seriously accelerate your financial goals?

If you said “Yes!” to any of these, you really do need to join us at our:

Afternoon Special on Stock Investing & Commodities

Tuesday 23rd of April

where we will be showing

  • My Proven Formula for trading and investing success: PS + SG + CE + FS = Consistent Profits. I promise we’ll explain it fully and how it WILL work for YOU!
  • The proven strategies we use to make money every day! And how YOU can too!
  • What the stock market really is and how you can choose a way to make money that suits you!
  • Why Gold and Silver are some of the highest performing investments today
  • How much capital you actually need to start trading or investing!
  • How understanding the difference between trading and investing can help YOU choose the right strategies to make money around YOUR lifestyle!
  • What even complete beginners need to know – if you’ve traded before, or even if you’ve never traded or invested in your life, you’ll leave this course knowing exactly how you can make money
  • The reasons you’re not making money consistently – and how to change these in your favour!
  • Why the money is NOT made through buying low and selling high – the money you’ll learn to make is made in the middle!

And not forgetting our particular favourite – this will blow your mind when you understand it:

The Real Power Of Compounding!

Scenario 1: €5K to €10,632 in a fund 15 Years – not very exciting

If you put €5,000 savings into an ISA, did not add any more to your pot, and got absolutely the best rate you could – we have illustrated 5% per year here – this is how your savings would grow after 15 years. You would have €10,632. About double

Scenario 2: €5K to €1,022,517 trading & investing in 15 Years – OVER A £MILLION!

However, if you put your €5,000 savings and invested in the stock market at a very low risk 3% per month – the way we show you – then you would have a whopping €1,022,517. That’s over a MILLION pounds. Take a look below – find out at the One Day Intensive how you can turn €5,000 into more than a million!

Nearly 100 times more – sounds too good to be true – right?

Actually it gets better…

Consider this….. What if you invested an extra £100 per month into your acount? How much of a difference would it make? Does £100 a month even seem worth it? See below.

Scenario 3: €5K to €1,578,217 in 15 Years – OVER A €1.5 Million

€5,000 savings and 3% a month returns just as above, but this time with just €100 a month extra.

You would make another HALF A MILLION POUNDS (from investing just another €100 per month)!

At the One Day Intensive

You’ll get the chance to have your very own personalised compounding chart to take home. (Just like the one above)

Just tell us how much you have to invest each month, and we’ll calculate exactly what your returns will be. Sound good?

Don’t just accept what we tell you…

Let’s look at the genuine success stories from our Stock Market training ‘graduates’ – ordinary people and, in most cases, people just starting out, who’ve continued to trade AFTER coming on the course, and who are still making substantial returns on their investments.

Add up the percentages our graduates are making each month, and things really get interesting…

“I am extremely happy with the workshop & the follow up support. Everything was physically practiced so I came away with certainty. 2 of my trades are up 15%. The future is bright.”Chris Lambie
“3 Different Strategies to choose – we picked one we are comfortable with..”“We have been making 3 to 6% every month for the last 7 to 8 months.”Dave Kentish & Liz Kentish(That’s an extra €450 a month)
“Marcus & Investment Mastery – The only people I know who teach Options from the ground level up. I have been making on average 3% a month.”Russell Stagg(That’s an extra €300 a month)

Still finding it too good to be true?

Below is a screen shot Ryan Downs sent us. He has been trading just a few months after attending our workshop.

Now Ryan is up nearly 5% on average in just one month

You’ll see Ryan is not trading hundreds of stocks, taking up most of his days – he’s achieved these results with just a couple of hours a week.

Our goal is to get people started on the basics and then grow their profits and confidence from there – whether they’re starting out, or more experienced traders looking for consistent returns. Ryan has achieved just that – and this screen shot of his trading account proves it!

Ordinary people achieving extraordinary results. They TOOK ACTION on the strategies they learnt at our courses.

Now, what about YOU?
Imagine what your life would be like if you could leave our Afternoon Special knowing for sure:

  • Which investment strategies are perfect for you, your lifestyle and budget;
  • How to make good decisions about your investment options;
  • Exactly what the proven formula is for learning to trade or invest successfully;

What would all that be worth to you?

We guess your next question is…

“What’s the price?”

Ah, yes – the price.

I have personally charged €5,000 + VAT for a different one-day course before. But there were only 8 people in the room.

I have charged €1,667 + VAT for half an hour of my time for similar strategies. Granted, that was on a 1-1 basis.

I tell you what – since these are our first series of events in the Netherlands we’re going to really go for it and make it a massive success for everyone. So we will charge, for our afternoon Special – filled with solid-gold, fluff-free information and proven strategies …

Not €5,000. Not €1,667. Not even €997

We won’t even charge €497 … €297… or €97.

But just €47 and that including BTW

Reserve your seat NOW –

don’t miss out on our afternoon Special on Stock Investing & Commodities

Saturday 23rd of April

So why on earth would we add so much value in one afternoon?

Well, because:

  • Nobody’s ever done this before (that’s good enough for us!)
  • After spending just under €100K myself on education and going through the experiences I went through – I don’t wish this on anyone – this is my contribution of something which I know is high quality and excellent value.
  • We believe in what we do – this one-day event lets you and I get to know each other, and gives you a real taste without thinking purely about price.
  • We want to attract the right crowd – people who are serious about taking action and don’t want to miss out.
  • If you book NOW you will also get to meet like-minded people AND spend quality time with our team of expert traders.
  • It’s a really fun way for us to deliver and for you to learn a huge amount about the different opportunities.

We want to be very clear here.

Our Afternoon Special on Stock Investing & Commodities is NOT:

A trading course taught by people who don’t actually trade;

A mind-numbing tech-fest info-dump with loads of unfriendly jargon and meaningless graphs;

One of those ‘get-rich-right-now’ seminars that make you feel a failure if you haven’t made a million pounds by the time you leave the room.

Our Afternoon Special On Stock Investing & Commodities IS:

  • An affordable way for even complete beginners to learn how to make money trading and/or investing and to get a taste for the kind of training we offer.
  • An afternoon where you learn several trading strategies that are proven to make good returns.
  • A fabulous opportunity for you to network, get to know your fellow students, brainstorm and form study groups or Mastermind teams – vital for helping you to achieve the financial income you’re looking for!
“I just wanted to say that it was a great day and very helpful to fill in some missing gaps and fundamental info. I took away some good value.I have been on another course with another provider and it was quite rushed, and the after support wasn’t the greatest! I feel that [your courses] are great value both in content and cost.Thanks again for holding that day, and to the other guys there, my hat off to Avi, Paul and also your wife for getting involved and supporting you!”Dereck Celis

Why else would we put on this Aftnernoon Special?

Because it really breaks our hearts to see people with the potential to become hugely successful traders or investors abandoning their dream of financial freedom because they’ve been disappointed by previous investment results, or let down by courses that promise the Earth.

We want to make our afternoon seminar affordable for you to get the necessary tools and strategies for successful trading, so you can start your wealth creation journey in style, and with a real, solid chance of creating wealth.

We think our afternoon special is very affordable at only £47 + VAT. (FOR LIMITED TIME 2 for 1)


But Maybe You’re Thinking Of Not Attending

This Afternoon Special On Stock Investing & Commoditi  Because:

Q: You’ve bought trading courses before but they didn’t work. What’s so different about this one?

We only teach strategies that are proven to work. I show people exactly what they need to do, how to do it, and how to keep on doing it. If you do what we teach you, and TAKE ACTION on it, this will WORK for you!

“I would like to say how much my son and I enjoyed the trading day today.Thank you for encouraging my son Antony. He is reading your book even now as we travel back to Manchester and is determined to finish it before we reach home.”Lionel Cox – Palatine, Manchester

Q: You think you’re not smart or experienced or rich enough to make money trading or investing?

Anyone can learn to trade and make money trading and investing. We specialise in teaching complete beginners how to trade. As for money, just start with what you’ve put aside to invest and we’ll show you where to go from there.

If you’re still not certain we can deliver what we’ve promised, we understand. So here’s our quibble-free GUARANTEE.

As you can see, we want you to feel 100% happy you made the right decision to join us.

But you might need to know more….

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to bring to the Intensive?
Yourself, a smile and a ‘can-do’ attitude. Plus a notepad and a pen. The temperature of the room can vary – so make sure you wear comfortable, layered clothes.

Q: You say the day costs only €47 incl BTW. I’m on a tight budget so are there any ‘hidden extras’ I’ll end up having to pay?
The €47 incl BTW is for the afternoon.

Q: What is the different between the afternoon event and your 2 day workshop?
Our 2 day workshop comes with computers and we practice trading right there and then. The afternoon special is an introduction with no computers, and allows you to gain an understanding of what you need to do in order to be successful in the markets. It also allows you to meet us and try us out before you commit to any further training, if required.

Q: How soon can I take action using what you teach at the event?
Immediately! Or as soon as you open an online trading account and deposit the necessary funds. If you’re still not confident about using the strategies we teach, you can practice virtual trading. But don’t wait ‘until the time is right’ or when you’ve read loads more books, or when the Moon is in Capricorn – it’s important you TAKE ACTION as soon as possible after attending our seminar. 

There’s just one more thing you need to know…..We can’t guarantee you’ll still get a place if you wait any longer.
The seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure you BOOK NOW to get your place!

I’m really looking forward to seeing you there.

Invest with passion …………. and profit!
Marcus de Maria
Stock Market Educator & Creator of the Buffalo Market

P.S. £47 incl BTW (NOW 2 for 1) plus one afternoon to learn the Formula and secure your financial future is just peanuts compared to the cost of not taking action. We honestly don’t know if we’ll be able to repeat this offer at this price. If you’re serious about creating wealth for you and your loved ones, please take the time now to invest in your future.

P.P.S. Don’t just take our word on what we can do for you. Here’s a few of our successful Stock Market investors – nearly all of them were beginners when they started! If they can do it, so can you!

P.P.P.S. OK, last one, we promise! Last chance to sign up for our afternoon special before we’re full. Are you willing to swap just 47 incl BTW and one afternoon of your time for a lifetime of financial independence?

Tuesday 23rd of April

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€97 now only €47 (NOW* 2 for 1)

*Limited Numbers!